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Laura Mickler is a Mindset Coach, yogi and huge believer in saying “why not!?” in response to people saying you can’t do something. Her coaching focuses on determining, manifesting & implementing the big dreams we have and helping people recognize their burnout. She spent more than a decade in the corporate financial world and walked away to coach and start her own yoga studio. Laura preaches that money follows when you realize what your assignment here on Earth is. Her work in her company, The Branch Collective, includes hosting a weekly podcast, Coaching, and owning Sacred Steps Yoga Studio & Store. She lives in Indiana with her husband, Alex, 2 boys- Rowan & Milo, and puppies Teddy & Poppy.




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The views and opinions expressed in the stories shared on the “Awaken Your Soul” podcast do not necessarily reflect the views of the host, Lauren Smith, her affiliated businesses, MindBizLife Media, or the show itself. The purpose of this podcast is to provide a platform for individuals to share their personal stories, experiences, and perspectives.