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My name is Katie Selby. I’m a person with a language impairment and a learning disability. I was diagnosed with my language impairment at the young age of three and with my learning disability at the age of five. I’m the only person in my immediate and extended family who lives with a disability. I’m unaware of any cause for my disabilities. 
I participated in the special education system from the time I was three years old until I graduated from high school. My high school counselor told me that instead of going to college, I should look for work in child care. There were others in my life who advised me against college. I didn’t listen to the people who were deterring me from my lifelong dream. I listened only to those who supported me in making my dream come true. 
Although it was difficult at times, I went to college and learned how to advocate for my educational needs. After receiving my college degree, I began working to support individuals with disabilities in the school setting as well as the home setting. I support my students with their goals and help them become as independent as they can be. 
I come from a unique social group. All of my friends are people with disabilities. We are not a support group; we just have the same life experiences. About four years ago, I wrote a blog article for “The Mighty” to share my story. Since then, I’ve shared my story on several learning disability social media pages. It feels like I’m sharing my story with the whole world!

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