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Julie Ryan is a seasoned psychic and medical intuitive known for her remarkable abilities. With a unique skill set, she can intuitively sense a range of medical conditions and illnesses in individuals, facilitate energetic healings, and communicate with spirits—both living and departed. Her work is often conducted remotely, seldom requiring physical presence during scanning sessions.

Julie’s capabilities extend beyond humans, encompassing the scanning of animals, accessing past lives, and even removing ghosts from homes and other structures. Notably, she possesses the uncanny ability to gauge how close someone is to the end of life.

Unlike those who have encountered spirits from childhood, Julie’s journey into energy work began over 25 years ago. Constantly refining her techniques, she has the ability to switch her innate abilities on and off at will. Guided by a strong ethical framework, Julie respects the privacy of others and conducts scans only with explicit permission, ensuring complete confidentiality.

While her psychic and medical intuitive pursuits are extraordinary, Julie primarily identifies as a businesswoman, inventor, author, and serial entrepreneur. Over her impressive 35-year career, she has pioneered surgical devices distributed globally and founded multiple companies across diverse industries, including medical, natural gas, advertising, long-term care, compliance, and data breach prevention.

Above all, Julie cherishes her roles as a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, and friend, grounding her exceptional abilities within the context of her personal and familial relationships.




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